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 Water Calibration Certified by Legal Metrology:

We have completely atomized Calibration Setup with 10000 liters capacity Water tank on Load cells, certified by Legal Metrology. The pipe / flowmeter diameter that can be calibrated is maximum 200mm.

Onsite Calibration with Master Flowmeter Certified by CWPRS

We have Portable & Handheld type Ultrasonic Flowmeters Calibrated and Certified by CWPRS. We can do onsite Calibration with these flowmeters.

Calibration System (Gas) with Thermal Mass Flow Meter:

We have Air Compressor, Air blower, Coriolis Mass Flowmeter and Thermal Mass Flowmeter, with which we can calibrate any Air / Gas Flowmeter.
2. Repairs and servicing of Flowmeters
3. Calibration Services for Pressure and Temperature Sensors
4. Calibration of Storage Tanks
5. Installation & Training of flowmeters